On this page we would like to present to you our beautifully situated pavillion as wel as its possibilities.

Ons Clubhuis
Overdekt terras
Op het strand is het goed toeven
Het is goed vertoeven op het strand
Boot uitgerust met camera
Lift voor minder-validen
Goed toegeruste jurykamer

Besides competitions, WSV Maurik also organises corporate events, such as waterborne sports events, BBQ’s and functions.

The pavilion has its own kitchen and restrooms, also suitable for the handicapped.
Double doors on three sides of the pavilion allow access to the outside terraces surrounding the pavilion. The pavilion has its own heating. Off season the pavilion is available for rental for courses or meetings.
A dedicated jury room with computers is available at the top floor of the club’s pavilion. The adjoining roof terrace offers spectators as well as the jury an unrivalled view of the competitions.

The terraces allow a great view of the grounds and lake. The terrace next to the car park has been designed with prize-giving ceremonies in mind.
The second terrace is sheltered. It allows access to the ski storage area and materials container. From under the balcony at the front of the pavilion one can have a good view of the proceedings on the water.

The wharves can accommodate 14 boats. A section of the wharf has been designed to double as a starting wharf and can be towed to the desired spot on the lake. The wharves come with purpose-designed ski racks.

Fuel point
A fuel point on a dedicated wharf allows for rapid and safe tanking procedures. The emergency wharf has road access.

Trailer ramp
The club has its own trailer ramp for the launching of boats, but also for the supply of fuel and access of emergency vehicles. The trailer ramp also allows easy access to the lakeside for handicapped people.

Besides the terraces the club has a great sandy beach for the ultimate beach sensation, excellently suited for games or a beach party. However, for safety reasons it is not allowed to swim outside the wharves.

Our location allows beach recreation as well as various waterborne sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding and barefoot skiing. The water depth is 12 metres. Swim water quality is very good with an average season temperature of 22 degrees centigrade. The prevalent -and preferred – wind direction is SW. Eastern winds are less frequent.

Our location comes with a homologated six-buoy slalom course as well as an inner handi course with pregates and all-buoy timing. Total length of the competition course is 685 metres with an integrated approach track. The water is considered fast for both slalom and jump.

Homologation is secure by three plateaus.

Our location has a new jump, same surface as Gravon and Meuzac in France and is hydraulically operated.
1.50 is 1.58
1.65 is 1.74
1.85 is 1.94
For handi 1 is 1.20
The jump is fitted with special air tanks both at the front and the rear, allowing it to be adapted both in length and height.
Barefoot jump is available with its own telemetry.

The club has its own cameras for fitting in the boats for trick, slalom, wakeboard as well as barefoot jumping (Bob Corson video jump system).
During races cameras are pointed at both gates (start and finish) of the slalom track. A fixed camera is available for boat track control.

Starting wharf and raft
During slalom competitions the club makes use of a special starting wharf. Skiers are ferried by a special raft. The wharf accommodates 30 people.

No access
During competitions we are licensed to deny access to third parties to the course so that interference from other boats is prevented.

Camping and parking
The club has 30 pitches for tents, caravans or campers on its own grounds as well as a car park that accommodates 500 vehicles.
Note: during big events the campingfacility is not available.

Hotel accommodation at a 15 minutes’ drive in the town of Tiel (Tel. 0031 344 622020).

The club is situated at 15 minutes’ distance from the town of Tiel. Nijmegen, Arnhem or Utrecht are all a 30 minutes’ drive.

Amsterdam at 1 hour,
Rotterdam at 1 hour 15 minutes
Duisburg at 1 hour 20 minutes