About us

Water Ski Association ‘Maurik’ was established in 1984 and is located on a formal flow path of the river Rhine.

Our goal: promoting water skiing in all its facets. The association (WSV Maurik) consists of an enthusiastic group of recreational and competition skiers. We offer young and old the opportunity to practice all disciplines: Water skiing classic (slalom, trick and jump), barefoot water skiing, wakeboard and kneeboard. The association has fine facilities including a private clubhouse, ranking slalom course and a ranking classical- and barefoot ramp and a 2.0 cable. Ranking means the slalom track and the ramps are homologated, which make (inter) national competitions at Maurik possible.
Non-members are most welcome to get acquainted with the different disciplines of our sport.

In 2009, WSV Maurik hosted the European Championship classic water skiing for seniors. This successful event and the many compliments from officials and skiers laid the basis for a larger event: the Europe & Africa Youth Championships that we organized in August 2012. This championship, with as many as 132 participants went just as successful. In 2015 WSV Maurik will host the2015 IWWF – EA Wakeboard & Wakeskate Boat Championships.

To be able to operate a fast boat nearby our resort, our Association has a number of permits, which are available for members.

WSV Maurik is affiliated with the Dutch Waterski Association NWWB.